• The Korean Year of Volunteering 2016-2018

It has been the 2nd year of “The Korean Year of Volunteering 2016~2018”. Ten focus agenda selected to solve the social issues for the UN Sustainable Development Goals in 2016 has deduced the voluntary solidarity from the local communities.

Especially, it established the environment for the civil society, the company and the government to organizationally cooperate, preparing for the foundation to change the society and to solve the issues by the volunteering. It has spread the culture for the people to participate into volunteering.

In 2017, it is planned to widen the extension of volunteering by spreading the "We together" campaign over the nation, utilizing the Ten focus agenda and distributing its model, and establishing the infrastructure of volunteering.



Spreading the culture for participating into volunteering

“We together” campaign

Cooperative movie campaign 'We together'

Movie contest exhibit with the theme 'Easy and funny volunteering'

Coached as a movie director, screened at a CF time of movie theater, winning an excellent film, etc.

Campaign relay ‘Me too’

· Joining into a national campaign as citizen or volunteer

· Finding out and propagating a daily project

· Monthly theme volunteering connected to Ten focus agenda

Better world ‘We together’

· Participating in a company campaign for society and supporting a volunteering consulting

· Planning and practicing a customized program for society

Propagating Ten focus agenda model for solving social issues

Analyzing cases of Ten focus agenda & developing Outcome index and format

· Developing 17-item formats for five areas (citizen-driving, innovating, cooperating, social change, propagating) of outcome index

· Utilizing as outcome evaluation index by government, volunteering center, NPO, etc.

Distributing a casebook

· Distributing 40-program casebook of 3-agenda (education, safety, poverty)

· Organizing and operating a consultative team for project-development

Building up the infrastructure for civil volunteering

Establishing the 3rd national basic plan

· Reflecting the solving project into the 3rd national basic plan by evaluating the 1st and the 2nd national basic plans (creating a fund, presenting a education issue, etc.)

Revising an organic law for volunteering

· Establishing a core agenda common to volunteering related to Enforcement ordinance of organic law

Driving 2017 presidential election campaign and Volunteering forum of National Assembly

· Driving the volunteering forum of National Assembly by connecting with civil body for presidential election campaign

Driving a commemoration business for the Korean Year of Volunteering

Operating an executive office of 'Korean Year of Volunteering'

· Driving meetings for subcommittee, executive committee or promotion committee

Publicizing 'The Korean Year of Volunteering'

· Connecting with broadcasting, major press, mass media, etc.

Driving a commemoration event for 'Korean Year of Volunteering'

· V-Korea commemoration event (connecting with the 10th commemoration event for Taean disaster)

Also, the 'Monthly-theme volunteering' is prepared for the people to easily and pleasantly join by networking with the volunteering centers over the nation ("Monthly-them volunteering together with the Korean Year of Volunteering"). 

It is expected that the daily volunteering is consistently practiced and the united activity is activated for solving the social issues.

Attractive volunteering news! ‘Iumdaum Translation & Interpretation volunteering corps and Nanum Press corps’

The English webzine of Korea Volunteer Center issued since 2015. How is it issued? It is published by the '1365 Iumdaum Translation & Interpretation volunteering corps' of Korea Volunteer Center. 'Iumdaum' means connecting the world to Korea and touching many people by volunteering. This corps publicizes the policy, the culture and the value of domestic and overseas volunteering by translating and interpreting. The volunteers consisting of teenagers, collegians, middle generation and seniors are translating various domestic and overseas volunteering news.


Also, there is another corps vividly and interestingly reporting the various volunteering over the nation. It is the 'Nanum Press corps' of Korea Volunteer Center. This 5-year-old corps intimately and meaningfully has reported the volunteering activities including very touching stories over this country. Its reporters are about to share various stories at the field of volunteering via article, card news and video image. The real value of volunteering is expected to be shared with many people by this volunteering news.


The above two volunteering corps of Korea Volunteer Center had the launching ceremony on February of this year. The activities in 2017 are assured by an entrusting ceremony, a meeting and a lecture. 

The Korean Year of Volunteering 2016-2018 : http://kyv2016-18.com

The Archive of Volunteer Works : http://archives.v1365.or.kr